Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Things Never to Say to a Professional Belly Dancer

10. We don't have a changing room.

9. You mean you're a stripper?

8. Can you break a five?

7. You don't look anything like Shakira.

6. You charge what? But it's only a half an hour of your time!

5. Here, let me show you real belly dance.

4. Take it off!

3. You can do it for free, because you'll get lots of exposure.

2. How hard can it be?  You just shake all over.

1. Can you give me the number of the dancer who doesn't charge?


  1. I like number 2. If they only knew how it isn't just shaking it.

  2. Oh, #10! We've done our share of changing in weird places... bathrooms, hallways, a half-gutted industrial kitchen sort of thing.

    1. I actually like to take pics of the "glamour". ;)

  3. Damn, all these years I've been messing up #4...

  4. No. 1 - yes I can give you the number of a dancer that would do it for free, except, you have to pay the "I-can-give-you-a-number" fee before I give it to you