Monday, April 29, 2013

My Beauty Does Not Come From My Hair

Recently I talked about how much I needed to acknowledge the ways I am beautiful in order to model that for my daughter.  There was all kinds of talk about how as women, our beauty blossoms from our strength, or sense of humor, or intellect.

After all, how can I possibly tell this little person- or even the women that learn to dance from me- to do as I say, not as I do?  "See how lovely you are!! But don't mind me as I compare myself to impossible photoshopped beauty and decide I come up short."

So, in my medieval group, a group of people are arranging a Locks for Love drive, and will be cutting/collecting the hair at an upcoming event.  My hair grows very slowly, and after five years, it is only at my shoulders.  But I had Drew measure it from the longest point, and it is long enough- if I cut it basically from my scalp.

I've decided to make the commitment, but I am absolutely terrified.  My vanity is bucking against my decision!! So my mantra for the last few days has been, "My beauty does not come from my hair.  My beauty does not come from my hair."  My compassion is what is pretty.  My kindness is my charm.

Yet for all my cheerleading of other women, I find myself overcome by insecurity.  I'm not going to change my mind, though.  I just need to keep repeating my mantra.  Wish me luck!


  1. i shaved my head after a bad hair cut once. It was a shock at first, but I loved how it felt. I shaved it close again after 2 weeks to see if the shock came from the fact that i Just Didn't Like It, or whether it came from simply not being used to having a bald head. Turns out I just had not been used to it. I've been bald a couple times since then on purpose. Good for you for broadening your horizons...I know it can be scary, but that's what makes you brave!

  2. I said this else where but please look at the issues with LoL before donating to them, look at Wigs for Kids or Beautiful Lengths instead.

    Otherwise I think it is a wonderful thing you want to do. Short or long haired, it's the brain inside that really makes a woman beautiful or not!

  3. LoL is notorious for their misinformation about what they really do with donations and how they choose to help the people they help. Often people are pressured to donate their hair thinking that they are literally giving a wig to a child with cancer but LoL SELLS over 90% of the hair they receive via donations. You'd help JUST AS MUCH by donating money and not have to suffer the loss of part of you to do it. Leave donating hair to the people whose hair grows quickly, and who don't mind cutting it.

    Beautiful Lengths is a program whose agenda I think you will agree with much more.

    You can also look into Matter of Trust. They take hair of any kind, any length, any species and use it to clean up oil spills, because nothing sticks to oil like hair.