Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome to My Crib

As you know, the arrival of The Bunny was abrupt.  I did not have nine months to ponder and research and peruse websites and stores finding the perfect decor for her.  Since I had collected several Classic Pooh items over the years, we went with that throughout her room, and I registered for the first Classic Pooh crib set I came across, and I received two almost immediately.  It's a very cute set, though it's gender-neutral (which I have determined means "Let's eliminate any signs that a girl is a female and instead turn her into an androgynous Pat").  I did receive a hand-me-down crib set which was made in part out of a very pretty pink and white toile.  However, the other part was chenille, and I am violently opposed to chenille.  In fact, I support the complete eradication of chenille, though I know that's totally not PC.

Subsequently, I have come across some really girly, really pretty, totally awesome crib sets.  Many people on etsy will custom make your crib set even!  Oh, how I wish I'd known this!  Yet, nothing has broken my heart more than coming across this:

I mean, really!  What could possibly be more perfect for a bohemian mom who also loves the fact that she has a girly girl than Indian block print baby items, and in pink???  This is from Rikshaw Designs, and that's not all.  They have all sorts of wonderful baby sundries!  Of course, this bohemian mom is married to a teacher.  So...that means I shop at Target, not at hoity toity fabulous boutiques with hand-blocked cotton.  I would SO make a really great rich person.  I would contribute to the economy regularly!

Ah, well.  Now that she's getting bigger and bigger, we're starting to look for a "big girl bed."  And that isn't making me weepy AT ALL.


  1. Why are you violently opposed to chenille?? It's a good thing I didn't get that chenille bedspread that I was lusting after in some catalog two summers ago! You'd never let The Bunny come visit me!

    Barbara Eden in her pink genie outfit must have prevented me from ordering it because she new Alice would be storming into our lives in just a few short months :)

  2. See? Barbara Eden KNOWS.