Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Friends

Throughout the years as a belly dancer, I've been drawn to producing my own shows.  Perhaps it's the control freak in me, because I want to have an event that highlights what I want, and I'm particularly big on enforcing a positive and safe environment for all dancers.

A few years back, my former tribal improv troupe drove out to Vegas to participate in what was advertised as a Big and Glorious Competition.  That's a story for another day, but suffice it to say it was not as advertised.  However, something wonderful did come of it: I got to meet the beautiful ladies of TABU. After our category (which they won), out two troupes hung out and became fast friends.  The competition that I produce, Hips of Fury, was coming up in a few months, and I encouraged them to come out and compete in that, which they did.  No surprises, they won the Ultimate Troupe at HoF as well.  I was (and still am) a big fan.

Here's the very best part.  I've told you that many amazing belly dancers came to put on a fundraising show to help pay for the enormous adoption fees.  Well Raven, one of these multi-award-winning dancers, was one who not only performed at the Belly Dance Baby fundraiser, but taught a workshop and donated the profits to the fundraiser.  See, adoption is dear to her heart because she is adopted.  There are a few dancers who I feel have an extra special place in Alice's life and her placement into mine, and Raven is one of them.

Since then, Raven has gained Sister Studio status and now also directs Kumuda Tribal in Las Vegas.  We have many belly dancers here in the Antelope Valley and nearby Los Angeles who love American Tribal Style Belly Dance, so I am extremely excited to be hosting Raven in two workshops this coming March.  Once again, I marvel at the talent and beauty of the women in the belly dance community, my good friends.

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