Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Sisterhood

One of the things that is so amazing to me is the sisterhood in belly dance.  Of course, when you have lots of estrogen in one place, drama is bound to happen, but remarkably, it is very minimal in a good portion of the belly dance world.

Naturally, for me, it helps that I get to dance with ladies who take dance seriously, but not themselves.  I have so much fun dancing with my Tribal Improv troupe Djinn Swizzle.  When we practice, we are not afraid to correct each other's technique or cues or formation, yet I am sometimes concerned that we're not getting any practicing done since we spend so much time laughing together.  Yet, isn't that how it should be?  We get to experience the joy of dance with and through each other.  And somehow, we manage to grow and improve.  I suspect it has as much to do with how much we crack ourselves up as it does with my obsession with drills.

When women shuck the societal norm of competing with each other for All Good Things, we accomplish great things!  We create beauty, we feel healthier, we sleep more soundly, we enjoy life more.  I am so glad I found belly dance.

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