Monday, August 22, 2011

AV Fair Performance or Why I Hate the World Right Now

Every year I do this to myself.  And every year I say, "I'm never doing this EVER AGAIN!!" and then every year as soon as the show is over, and my students do wonderfully and the crowd loves them, I beam with pride and know I will of course do it again.

See, I teach several belly dance classes, from little girls to women who can only come in the summer because they're too old to drive at night and it's dark during class in the winter.  I want every single student to have the opportunity to perform- the ones who can't keep a beat, the ones who have yet to understand they need to practice between class but have *fabulous* costumes, the ones who will someday replace me, the ones I take with me to paying gigs.  Everyone's family and friends think THEY are the MOST AMAZING dancer in the entire show.  It's not just for the students that I want them to get to perform; it's for the people who love them, want to applaud for them, want to marvel that they actually wore fake eyelashes.

However, it is a buttload of work, not just because putting on a show is going to be work, but because belly dancers are, as a lot, unwaveringly flakey.  We may start working on a choreography in April to perform at the Fair in August, but won't manage to get it finished until two weeks before the performance because there isn't a single class in the interim that has everyone there.  Or, I may say they need to get music to me for their own choreographies by June 15, but they won't actually start thinking about which song they want until June 15 at 10pm, and the one they want to do has to be edited for time, and could I please see if my husband can make a nice fade in or out?  This year, several of my most reliable women have for varying reasons (some legit, some not so much) been... under-reliable.  And there seems to be a costuming issue which involves my having told everyone what the costumes need to be three months ago, but they haven't started gathering/sewing them until now.  Too say I am cranky and stressed is an understatement!

Yet, I know that this Friday night at 7pm, after we have finished the curtain call and the group picture, I will love them all once again.  I know that part of what drives me crazy in the weeks preceding the performance is my pedantic nature when it comes to belly dance, but eventually, they all step up to the plate.  Even if it's on the Day of the Performance.

Tonight is the run-through, and I have already gotten three texts from people saying they can't be there.  This does not help my mood.  It will probably be a mess tonight.  I can be very superstitious, however.  Horrible Rehearsal means Amazing Performance.


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  1. It turned out great! What an awesome show and your hard work paid off. Next year I will remind you to make a point of having all costumes done two weeks in advance. :)